About Us

Takara Belmont: Durable Equipment for Dependable Care.

At Belmont Equipment (a division of Takara Belmont USA, Inc.), we understand the passion that doctors and assistants have when they come to work each day. We get the pride that comes with working with both your head and your hands – respecting the intricacies of patients’ mouths, artfully and carefully caring for and constructing solutions to improve or remedy issues. We know you take the same care and consideration when selecting the furnishings and equipment for your operatory – that’s who you are. It’s who we are too.

We invite you to read on and learn more about our company’s philosophy and culture.


Our Culture

Please enjoy this piece written by our chairman, Hidetaka Yoshikawa, and gain insight into the core essence of our company. These principles motivate each of our employees to strive for and deliver the very best.


Spirit of Our Organization

by Hidetaka Yoshikawa, Chairman

Take Care of Our Customers
Takara Belmont’s prosperity depends on the success of our customer
We must never forget that Takara Belmont’s existence depends on the customer

The World is One
There are no borders in the business world
High quality goods will sell throughout the world
Expand your horizons and bring Takara Belmont quality to the rest of the world

Use Your Mind
Use ingenuity and originality to advance step by step
There can be no progress without originality

Take Action
Even a great idea may lose its meaning if it’s not realized
Success will not come without steady, daily effort

Have Spirit
There is no road for those without motivation
Become energized in taking on the challenges
Go forward with belief


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to take care of our customers while advancing step-by-step alongside the dental health industry. We strive for excellence with a consistent focus on the future for our customers, the industry and our company. The World is One attitude, mentioned above, aims to bring the highest quality of goods and services from around the world to your door.


Our success and prosperity is dependent on the success of our customers. We develop our products to provide customers with the latest technology trends without compromising on exceptional form, function or client comfort. It’s the driving philosophy that flows from research and development to sales and production.


We constantly strive to expand our horizons and bring the best of Takara Belmont quality to the world. There are no borders in the business world and the demand for high quality products is universal. Takara Belmont takes pride in delivering quality products while maintaining the tradition of reliability and dependability our customers have grown to trust.


Our use-your-mind approach allows us to advance alongside our customers and the dental health industry. We have a deep understanding that there cannot be progress without originality. It’s the driving force that energizes us to take action daily and progress towards innovative products.