I’ve been dealing with Belmont for many years and they always deliver good quality and product longevity. Buy a Belmont because it doesn’t break!

John T., Equipment Dealer

Belmont has the ideal combination of a good price and a good warranty.

Jonathan B., Equipment Dealer

Belmont delivers what is probably the best quality in the market across the entire line of equipment.

Brad V., Equipment Dealer

Before outfitting our exam rooms with Belmont Equipment, I asked around – all my reps, colleagues and service technicians said Belmont is a solid company with good products. We’ve been happy with our  Belmont decision AND it fit our budget.

Mikki B., Office Manager

This is the second time I’ve bought Belmont chairs. They give me good accessibility to the patient and their dimensions are not as bulky so they fit my office and my petite size. Belmont’s service is great and the price was right for my budget.

Dr. Shikha B., Dentist

I’ve installed equipment in hundreds of offices. I frequently recommend Belmont for its price and functionality.

Jason M., Dental Equipment Consultant

The combination of price and quality makes Belmont a great value.

Dr. Dave R., Dentist